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Hallmark’s tag line, "a card for every occasion” applies to the 366 possible days of birth. Each year presents 12 chances for a THREE OF DIAMOND BIRTHDAYS. The 2016 US Presidential Election has presented two THREE of Diamonds personalities onto the world’s political stage, Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders.


January 24 (Aquarius), John Belushi

February 22 (Pisces), George Washington the Day of UNIVERSALITY

March 20 (Pisces), Mister Rogers

April 18 (Aries), Clarence Darrow

May 16 (Taurus), Henry Fonda

June 14 (Gemini), Donald Trump, Che Guevarathe Day of GUTSY CONFRONTATION

July 12 (Cancer), Bill Cosby, Richard Simmons

August 10 (Leo), Herbert Hoover the Day of the VELVET VOICE

September 8 (Virgo), Bernie Sanders the Day of the PUZZLING PURIST

October 6 (Libra), Hafez al-Assad

November 4 (Scorpio), Walter Cronkite, Will Rogers

December 2 (Sagittarius) Harry Reid, Charles Ringling


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Be it in politics or on the podium, the Three of Diamonds are bright and personable, optimistic and steadfast in their personal and worldly pursuits.Unfortunately, the overwhelming urge for self-protection in material interests can throw them back on stark uncertainty, and the insecurity of the number "3". Tripping over their own dark thoughts and a deep mistrust of others, the Three of Diamonds often fall prey to trickery, and don't receive the appreciation they deserve.

The 2016 Election contest essentially was a Texas Tag Team match with Bernie and Trump ganging up against NINE of Hearts Hillary. Bernie pounding from the Left and Trump going in for the kill on the Right. Now that Trump has been declared to be the 45thUS President what can be learned from the 1st Washington and the 31stHoover?

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