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September TWENTY-FOURTH the Day of the WANDERER


Jim Henson Fraggle Rock Muppets Master Replica Poser Doll Prop Red Fraggle

"Jim" Henson was an American puppeteer, artist, cartoonist, inventor, screenwriter, actor, film director, and producer. September 24, 1936, Greenville, Mississippi. 
September TWENTY-FOURTH the Day of the WANDERER: Those born on September 24 are wanderers by nature and therefore either love to travel, or are somehow driven to do so. This theme of wandering or travel in their lives usually takes a real form, but can also be a metaphor for mental and emotional adventures as well. Indeed the literal and figurative are not mutually exclusive here. Reading, thinking, dreaming, traveling - both physically and psychically wandering - these are the kinds of activities which interest those born on this day.
ADVICE: Get your act together. Your unsettled life may be charming for a while but can grow tiresome. Perhaps there are those who would like to depend on you more.Don't be afraid to use your talents. Stick to one thing and take it all the way.
Strengths: Imaginative, Free-Spirited, Giving
Weaknesses: Nervous, Unsettled, Neurotic
El gran Gatsby (Spanish Edition) by F. Scott Fitzgerald (Diciembre 29, 2015)
BORN ON THIS DAY: F. Scott Fitzerald, John Marshall, Jim Henson, 'Mean' Joe Green, Jim McKay, Joseph P. Kennedy, Stephen Bectel, Anthony Newley. Source: The Secret Language of Birthdays Gary Goldschneider & Joost Elffers.
MEDITATION: Home can be a state of mind.
In relationships and family matters, September 24 people may be difficult to please. They are not easy going people to live with and demand lots of time to themselves. Their mates must be understanding of their need for change and variety, and their often open flirtations and sexual attractions of all sorts. As to this latter area, September 24 people can seek out highly unusual forms of sexual expression, if not in their daily life then in their reading and mental imaginings. Indeed those born on this day have little interest in mundane activities or in ordinary people for that matter. TAROT: The Lovers: Symbolizing the love that unites all of humanity through integration of masculine and feminine polarities.
king of Hearts by on @deviantART

Hearts - Emotions - Relationships – Love

King of Hearts - Paternal Love

Karma for the King of Hearts - Easygoing Inactivity
The KING king of hearts of Hearts - The LOVING FATHER Card: Standing at the top of the suit of love, the King of Hearts recognizes that love is the highest power of all. These people make devoted parents, but not always the best spouses. Their devotion to their children and profession often displaces the love they would give their spouse. They do love everyone, forever, its true, but sometimes the wrong associations bring problems. These people can be overbearing, as all Kings can, but this is only the case when they have been betrayed by those they hold closest to their hearts. From past lives, they bring with them the knowledge of mastery of their emotions and of their family life. Consider yourself blessed if they consider you to be one of their "family". There are inevitable losses of loved ones in their lives but they know the truth and can let go though they still feel the pain. Many of them are mentally gifted and sometimes psychic. Much knowledge just flows to them and they use this to rise up to the top in their careers.
Your Karma Cards are the: Two of Clubs - You owe something to this person and they reflect you in some way. Nine of Spades - This person owes you and you are their mirror in some way.
KING king of hearts of Hearts BIRTHDAYS: June 30 (Cancer), July 28 (Leo), August 26 (Virgo), September 24 (Virgo-Libra Cusp), October 22 (Libra), November 20 (Scorpio), December 18 (Sagittarius);

FAMOUS KING king of hearts of Hearts:  "Jackie" Kennedy Onassis was the wife of the 35th President of the United States, John F. Kennedy, and First Lady of the United States during his presidency from 1961 until his assassination in 1963. July 28, 1929, Southampton, NY. 
jim mckay was such a terrific guy who always treated me well and made sports more interesting....he covered and everything and did it so well.
FAMOUS KING king of hearts of Hearts: Jim McKay, Michael Phelps, Ralf Schumacher, Susan Hayward, Lena Horne, Jackie Onassis, Beatrix Potter, Sally Struthers, Mother Teresa, Nia Vardalos, Linda McCartney, Jim Henson, Catherine Deneuve, Joe Biden, Robert F. Kennedy, Katie Holmes, Brad Pitt; Source: Robert Camp's Love Cards.
KING of Hearts (Cups) in Tarot
king of hearts KING of Hearts: By nature, these people are the most desirable people on earth and the most worthy of love. They will respond to any true call for help from any quarter - and you can forget to thank them if you choose; it will make no difference to them. The front they present to the world is kindly, friendly and magnetic. They give an impression not so much of power but of peace, protection and "safe harbor". Within themselves, however, they know they have the full power of love, a power invincible! Sometimes, we find the Kings of Hearts are quarrelsome and overbearing. They are met with constant disappointment in others, and are frequently deceived or betrayed. When we meet a King of Hearts on their own terms and tune into their love and kindness, they never bring us anything but joy. They are the heart and center of family life, and harmonizer of friends.
Zodiac on Behance
VIRGO-LIBRA CUSP: The Cusp of BEAUTY September 19 - 24 Those born on the VIRGO-LIBRA CUSP are fatally taken up with the pursuit of an ideal. Attracted to physical, sensuous beauty, whether in art objects, nature or people, the lure of color, shape, form, texture and the intriguing sound of music or a voice pushes all their buttons and brings them creative inspiration. Influenced by the planets Mercury (ruler of Virgo) and Venus (ruler of Libra), those born on the Virgo-Libra cusp are extremely sensitive to external stimuli. They react strongly to unusual tastes and smells, and are easily jarred by disturbing sights and sounds. Those born on the Cusp of Beauty, then must create a highly aesthetic environment for both their living situations and their work.
Strengths: Aesthetic-Sensuous-Harmonious
Weaknesses: Snobbish-Addictive-Unsettled

VIRGO-LIBRA NOTABLERuhollah Khomeini was an Iranian Ayatollah, revolutionary, politician, the founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the leader of the 1979 Iranian Revolution which saw the overthrow of the ...  September 24, 1902, Khomeyn, Iran. 
La libreria di Beppe: L'isola del dottor Moreau di H.G. Wells
VIRGO-LIBRA NOTABLESH.G. Wells, John Marshall, Ray Charles, Sophia Loren, Stephen King,  Bill Murray, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ruhollah Moosavi Khomeini; Source: The Secret Language of Relationships Gary Goldschneider & Joost Elffers.
ADVICE: Don't be overly concerned with appearances. Keep alive in your search for beauty - avoid becoming jaded, trendy or compulsive. Beware of neglecting spiritual goals or falling prey to excessive materialism. Keep your nervous system under control.
Karma for the King of Hearts - Easygoing Inactivity

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