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The Way of ARTISTRY Rebirth to Beauty:


The Way of ARTISTRY Rebirth to Beauty: Those on the Way of Artistry are destined to discover for themselves the nature of beauty and what, at the deepest levels of their hearts, they truly value. To do this, they must become more acute observers and appreciators of the world around them. In the process of doing so, individuals on this karmic path often recognize an ideal or ideal form of beauty and make it their guiding light, their polestar, that becomes the very ground of their being. Though not necessarily artists themselves, they have the task of sharpening and shaping their aesthetic sensibilities and putting them at the service of their inspirational ideals and visions,whether with regard to the arts, to poitical and economic structures, or in other life areas.
CORE LESSON: Establishing aesthetic values through discrimination and analysis
GOAL: To manifest one's idealized vision
RELEASE: The attraction to the more primitive aspects of life
REWARD: The joy of loving something for its own sake
SUGGESTION: Focus on what you truly respect. Observation will help you find your ideal
BALANCE POINT: Primality and Sublimity
GIFTS: Passionate - Sensitive - Committed
PITFALLS: Superficial - Chaotic - Devious
NOTABLES: Cary Grant, Bob Dylan, Paul Gauguin, Maya Ying Lin, Joseph Campbell, Ann-Margret, George F. Will, Louis B. Mayer, Dr. Seuss, Alexander Hamilton, Jimmy Dorsey, H. G. Wells, Norman Lear, Pierre Cardin, Richie Valens. 
Karmic Path for May 5 - September 23, 1978 people.

Source: The Secret Language of Destiny,  Gary Goldschneider & Joost Elffers.

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