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Allen Ginsberg was an American poet and one of the leading figures of both the Beat Generation of the 1950s and the counterculture that soon would follow. June 3, 1926, Newark, NJ.


June THIRD the Day of FLUENT EXPRESSION: June 3 people have a need to communicate their ideas to others and usually accomplish this through speech. Yet their language, whether spoken or not, is highly original, sometimes so subtle or ironic that some find it difficult to grasp. On the other hand, when June 3 people get emotional, others may understand them only too well and can even resent their bluntness. Those born on this day would benefit from being at once more lucid and diplomatic.

STRENGTHS: Verbal, Convincing, Witty
WEAKNESSES: Domineering, Forgetful
ADVICE: Beware of overconfidence, you can't talk your way out of every situation. Mind your hot temper and leave others to their own devices when possible. Words can hurt - show understanding and compassion.

 Handsome couple. Vice President Joe Biden and his wife Jill dance during the Commander in Chief's Ball.
BORN ON THIS DAY: Anderson Cooper, Josephine Baker, Jefferson Davis, Tony Curtis, Paulette Goddard, Allen Ginsberg, Leo Gorcey, Jill Biden, George V, Rafael Nadal, Raul Castro; Source: The Secret Language of Birthdays Gary Goldschneider & Joost Elffers.

MEDITATION: If you want to get to know yourself, climb on the nearest streetcar.


Spades - Wisdom - Labor – Acceptance

Ace of Spades - The Need for Inspiration

Karma - Emotional Interference
ACE ace of spades of Spades: The Card of AMBITION:  The Ace of Spades is the ancient symbol of the secret mysteries, the most spiritual card in the deck, and yet, also the most material. The ACE person usually has a life-long conflict between their material, worldly urges and their deep, past-life spiritual heritage. Their displacement and Karma Card, the Seven of Hearts, suggests trials in the realm of relationships. Their mission is the inner peace that comes through a life of service and dedication to higher principles. As their karma from previous births is discharged, they come to realize this and learn to follow the unwritten law of spiritual truth. In many ways they have put themselves upon the cross. Whenever they deviate from the law, or disregard their spiritual nature they seem to be unjustly punished. Those Ace of Spades who are mostly material- minded seem to have one problem after another. However, whenever they do follow the law, they are protected, finding the inner peace they seek through awareness of their wealth of spirit.
Your Karma Cards are the: Image result for seven of heartsSeven of Hearts - You owe something to this person and they reflect you in some way. two of clubsTwo of Clubs - This person owes you and you are their mirror in some way. 
ACE ace of spades of Spades BIRTHDAYS: January 13 Capricorn - February 11 Aquarius - March 9 Pisces - April 7 Aries - May 5 Taurus - June 3 Gemini - July 1 Cancer; 
Super-PAC Gives Jeb Bush a Black Hand in Mailer -- NYMag

FAMOUS ACE ace of spades of Spades "Jeb" Bush is an American politician. He served as the 43rd Governor of  Florida from 1999 to 2007. Currently a 2016 Presidential candidate. February 11, 1953 (age 62), Midland, TX.


Gloria Vanderbilt w/ son Anderson Cooper in front of portrait of her Mother

FAMOUS ACE ace of spades of Spades: Orlando Bloom, Anderson Cooper, Stephen Hendry, Jennifer Aniston, Burt Reynolds, Sheryl Crow, Emmanuel Lewis, Keely Smith, Bobby Fischer, Russell Crowe, Jackie Chan, Billie Holiday, Karl Marx, Tammy Wynette, Chris Brown, Jeb Bush,  Suzi Quatro, Rafael Nadal, Pamela Anderson, Carl Lewis, Princess Diana.  Source: Robert Camp's Love Cards.
Ace of Swords - Giotto Tarot by Guido Zibordi
ACE of Spades (Swords) in Tarot
ace of spades ACE of Spades: "Embodied in your card, which traditionally has been identified as a symbol of death, is also the key to the mystery of life. Unfortunately, for the majority of those who are identified with this card, the mystical meaning of this symbol is lost. If you belong to this category, this card becomes a symbol of labor, and all too often you try to solve all your problems by the sweat of your brow or through questionable schemes. But, as you read these lines, realize that your card is also a symbol of spiritual wisdom, and as the life pattern portrayed in your card is not a particularly easy one, keep this in mind. It may help you cope with and transcend the many challenges which appear to be part of your destiny.

"The temptation to indulge in bitter despair may be a real hazard. Remember, from the meta physician's viewpoint, despair and inspiration are often considered to be a step apart. Discipline and vision are essential key words toward the overcoming of your problems. In the process, you may also become a source of inspiration to others." ~Arne Lein, What's Your Card?
GEMINI II - The Week of NEW LANGUAGE June 3 - 10: GEMINI II's show a strong desire to communicate their thoughts and feelings verbally. They also need to be sure that others have understood their message and can see their point of view, even without agreeing with it. Yet the means of expression of Gemini II's are highly personal, to the point of the development of their own unique language. This may lead to all kinds of problems, tensions and frustrations, since they are frequently misunderstood. Moreover, when trying to put their point across, some Gemini II's use a barrage of words, relying on quantity over quality to win the day, or try different lines of argument all at once. In their intense desire to communicate, the meaning may get lost in the shuffle. 
ADVICE: Try not to come on in a rush. Be clear in what you say but also diplomatic. Don't be inattentive to the impression you make or the idea others have of you. There is great value in silence. Take the time to develop deep friendships.
 Josephine Baker

GEMINI II NOTABLE Josephine Baker was a vedette, (a leading star of stage, screen, or television.) singer and entertainer, whose career was centered primarily in Europe, mostly in her adoptive country of France. June 3, 1906, St. Louis, MO.


Painting by Paul Gauguin (1848-1903), 1891, Ia Orana Maria (Hail Mary), oil on canvas. (detail)


GEMINI II NOTABLES: Judy Garland, Paul GauguinAllen Ginsberg, Frank Lloyd Wright, Johnny Depp, Prince Philip, Madame Chiang Kai-Shek,  Barbara Bush;  Source: The Secret Language of Birthdays Gary Goldschneider & Joost Elffers.

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