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Yekaterina Alexeevna or Catherine II, also known as Catherine the Great, was the most renowned and the longest-ruling female leader of Russia, reigning from 9 July [O.S. 28 June] 1762 until her death in 1796 at the age of 67. An independent and intelligent woman, ruling a great power and being the master of her own sexuality was seen with suspicion in her male-dominated society. Some malicious voices called her a nymphomaniac, spreading the tale that she died while copulating with a horse In reality Catherine had 22 male lovers during her long life. She was partial to handsome young men. She died in her bed, after a stroke. April 21, 1729, Szczecin, Poland.  Pictured: The Horseman statue's pedestal known as the enormous Thunder Stone, the largest stone ever moved by man.

April TWENTY-FIRST the Day of PROFESSIONAL COMMITMENT: The dignified people born on April 21 put nothing above their professional excellence and integrity. Their word is their law. Because so many born on this day are trendsetters with their finger on the public pulse, they often get ahead in the world. They may lead a stormy personal life, however, with more than one marriage and many love affairs. April 21 people tend to be very sensual types, attracted to sex, food, sleep and everything pleasurable. Their personal values are in tune with beauty and harmony, and their love of beautiful things, man-made or natural, is highly developed.
STRENGTHS: Tasteful, Caring, Powerful
WEAKNESSES: Profligate, Self-Indulgent, Over-Protective
ADVICE: Limit your involvement in the affairs of others, you can be overpowering at times. Let others help you occasionally. Giving can work as a controlling mechanism, try to give unconditionally. Don't be so long-suffering;  know what you want and go for it.
John Ashton, Charles Grodin & Robert De Niro, Midnight Run (1988) 
BORN ON THIS DAYCharles GrodinCatherine the Great, Queen Elizabeth II, Anthony Quinn,  Edmund "Pat" Brown,  Tony Danza, Elaine May; Source: The Secret Language of Birthdays, Gary Goldschneider & Joost Elffers.

MEDITATION: A civilization that regards nuclear energy as important and cooking as trivial is surely headed for destruction.  


Clubs - Mind - Communication – Intelligence

King of Clubs - Maturity in Knowledge

Karma for the King of Clubs – Frivolity

KING king of clubs of Clubs: The KING of KNOWLEDGE and MASTER of DISTINCTIONS:  Sitting atop the suit of knowledge, the King of Clubs has everything needed to be an authority in any area they choose. These people have a direct line to knowledge accumulated from many past lives. Rarely do they live their life by any doctrine or philosophy other than their own. The well that feeds their minds is inexhaustible and from a high source. inexhaustible and from a high source. These are the people who live by their own truth. They can be found in all types of professions, usually in positions of responsibility, always respected in whatever capacity they are engaged. They have many opportunities for marriage. Relationships and partnerships are important to them. However, they also need a certain amount of personal freedom and for many, this is more important than a marriage. They seem to do their best work with a partner, and most King of Clubs are destined to be in partnership. This is the most psychic card in the deck - so much so that their intuitive approach to life is second nature.
Your Karma Cards are the: two of spadeTwo of Spades - You owe something to this person and they reflect you in some way. eight of spadesEight of Spades - This person owes you and you are their mirror in some way.

KING  king of clubsof Clubs BIRTHDAYS: January 27 (Aquarius), February 25 (Pisces), March 23 (Aries), April 21 (Aries or Taurus), May 19 (Taurus), June 17 (Gemini), July 15 (Cancer), August 13 (Leo), September 11 (Virgo), October 9 (Libra), November 7 (Scorpio), December 5 (Sagittarius);

FAMOUS KING king of clubs of Clubs Malcolm X, born Malcolm Little and also known as El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz, was an American Muslim minister and a human rights activist. May 19, 1925, North Omaha, NE. 
FAMOUS KING king of clubs of Clubs: Mozart, Lewis Carroll, George Harrison, Adelle Davis, Chaka Khan, Joan Crawford, Catherine the Great, Malcolm X, Venus Williams, Forest Whitaker, Fidel Castro, Moby, Sharon Osbourne, Joni Mitchell, Frankie Muniz, Walt Disney.  Source: Robert Camp's Love Cards.
Dreaming Way Tarot - King of Wands
KING of Clubs (Wands) in Tarot

king of clubs King of Clubs: Wonderfully creative and very fast learners, even the careless and negative Kings of Clubs have keen intelligence and insight. King of Clubs are also known as emotional idealists and need to be careful they don't scatter their forces due to emotional disturbances or problems within the family. Both sexes have strong family ties and they tend to make excellent parents. They are often willing to make sacrifices to provide for their children. In particular, for their children's education. The King of Clubs rarely lacks money and they usually make it by being in business for themselves. These people make excellent lawyers - especially for corporations - and trustees for estates.                

 Image result for ARIES-TAURUS CUSP
ARIES-TAURUS CUSP The Cusp of POWER: April 19-24 Those born on the Aries-Taurus Cusp strive for power in their daily lives, but their personalities temper and ground the fiery dynamism of Aries through the solidity and earthiness of Taurus. The undeniable trademark of those born in this week is a preoccupation with power. They see their birthright as nothing less than the very best that life has to offer.  Yet they generally know how to pursue their goals without arousing antagonism in others. Powerfully persuasive, they make it easier and more advantageous to agree with them than to disagree. Whether it takes a long or a short time to achieve their ends matters little to Aries-Tauruses as long as they get there. Above all they have a superb sense of timing and of kairos - knowing the right time to act and not act.
STRENGTHS: Solid, Powerful, Lavish
WEAKNESSES: Blunt, Mercenary, Lazy
ADVICE:  Try not to overpower others. Learn to back off and allow things to happen as they will. Although your hands may itch to do the job, give others a chance to do it their way, even if they make mistakes. Try to remain sensitive to the feelings of those around you.
Image result for anthony quinn

ARIES-TAURUS CUSP NOTABLE Antonio Quinn Oaxaca, more commonly known as Anthony Quinn, was an American actor, painter and writer. April 21, 1915, Chihuahua, Mexico.


Barbara Streisand-Actress, author, singer, producer, director, philanthropist -she is driven to be the best and she is the best!

ARIES-TAURUS CUSP NOTABLESBarbara Streisand, Vladimir Lenin, Queen Elizabeth II, Catherine the Great, William Shakespeare, Shirley MacLaine, Shirley Temple-Black, Richard Daly, Jr., Jack Nicholson, Adolf Hitler, Jessica Lange, Paloma Picasso, Anthony Quinn, Dudley Moore, Ryan O'Neal, Al Unser, James Woods;  Source: The Secret Language of Relationships, Gary Goldschneider & Joost Elffers. 

Karma for the King of Clubs Frivolity

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