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Jerry Lewis is an American comedian, actor, singer, film producer, screenwriter and film director. He is known for his slapstick humor in film, television, stage and radio March 16, 1926 (age 89), Newark, NJ.



The Day of the REALISTIC INSPIRATION: March 16 people are able to combine the imaginative and the practical, the inspirational and the down-to-earth into an appealing and realistic attitude. Indeed, those born on this day have a talent for balancing the contrasting sides of their character. Sometimes they are swayed by their fanciful side but generally stay within the bounds of good sense.
STRENGTHS: Imaginative, Practical, Active
WEAKNESSES: Fanciful, Jaded, Neglectful
ADVICE: Constantly reaffirm your belief in life. Beware of a tendency toward negativity. Search for new horizons and avoid complacency. Push yourself to express the very best which is you.
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BORN ON THIS DAY:  Jerry LewisErik Estrada, Pat Nixon, James Madison, John Butler Yeats, Josef Mengele, Simon Ohm, Daniel Patrick Monihan; Source: The Secret Language of Birthdays, Gary Goldschneider & Joost Elffers.
MEDITATION: Success can often be measured more truthfully by internal rather than external criteria. 
 Diamonds - Values - Security – Dharma

7 of Diamonds - Conflict Between Spirit and Matter

Karma - Harmonization of Money and Love

SEVEN  of Diamonds: The MILLIONAIRE'S Card  By suit, the Seven of Diamonds is always connected with finances. As a spiritual number, they must maintain a non-attached attitude about money or there will be continuous problems in this area. Once they put money in its proper place however, they often attain or inherit great wealth. Regardless, many of their life lessons will come through this avenue. The other avenue is their close relationships. Family, lovers and friends are all very important to the Seven of Diamonds person. They have close ties, for better or worse, with their family and share in their trials. They are usually restless, making frequent changes in either occupation or location. Their love life usually entails sacrifice and disappointment until they learn to let others go and be as they are. In their spiritual studies they find inner satisfaction and validation for their own intuition. Once on the path, everything in their life is put into proper perspective and they can excel in any chosen field.
Your Karma Cards are the: Image result for nine of hearts card meaningNine of Hearts - This card is your cosmic twin and the one with whom you share the strongest karmic link.
 Image result for ace of clubs meaningAce of Clubs, Image result for Two of HeartsTwo of Hearts, Image result for king of spades meaningKing of Spades, Image result for jack of heartsJack of Hearts, eight of clubsEight of Clubs - You are also connected to these cards and will often find one or more of them in your life. You all share a somewhat 'fixed' nature.
SEVEN  OF DIAMONDS BIRTHDAYS: January 20 (Capricorn/Aquarius), February 18 (Aquarius/Pisces), March 16 (Pisces III), April 14 (Aries), May 12(Taurus), June 10 (Gemini), July 8 (Cancer), August 6 (Leo), September 4 (Virgo), October 2 (Libra)’
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FAMOUS SEVEN  of Diamonds James Madison, Jr. was a political theorist, American statesman, and served as the fourth President of the United States. March 16, 1751, Port Conway, Virginia.

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FAMOUS SEVEN  OF DIAMONDS: Josef Mengele, Rob Bourdon, George Burns, Matt Dillon, John Travolta, Flavor Flav, Jerry Lewis, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Tony Hawk, Stephen Baldwin, James Madison, Elizabeth Hurley, Kevin Bacon, John D. Rockefeller, Andy Warhol, Lucille Ball, Jon Benet Ramsey, Beyonce Knowles, Sting Source: Robert Camp's Love Cards.
PISCES III: The Week of DANCERS and DREAMERS - March 11-18: Strongly philosophical, PISCES III's often spend time contemplating the intricacies of human thought and the wonders of the universe. Their minds roam freely over areas that many would find daunting or at least mysterious. They start wondering about the meaning of life early on, and often continue to puzzle over such questions for a lifetime - indeed, these issues can become the driving force behind their careers and lifestyles.

PISCES III Kurt Vogel Russell is an American actor. His first roles were as a child in television series, including a lead role in the Western series The Travels of Jaimie McPheeters. March 17, 1951 (age 63), Springfield, MA.
Kevin Bacon


PISCES III NOTABLES: Nat King Cole, John Butler Yeats, Liza Minnelli, Billy Crystal, Kurt Russell, L.Ron Hubbard, Albert Einstein. Source: The Secret Language of Relationships  Gary Goldschneider & Joost Elffers.
ADVICE: Be more demanding of yourself in your personal development, and contribute actively to the life around you. Beware of neglecting to build a firm foundation. There is a limit to what you are capable of overcoming - make life easier for yourself, and be willing to compromise when necessary.

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