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Jesus (7–2 BC to 30–33 AD), also referred to as Jesus of Nazareth, is the central figure of Christianity whom the teachings of most Christian Denominations hold to be the Son of God. Christianity regards Jesus as the awaited Messiah (or "Christ") of the Old Testament and refers to him as Jesus Christ, a name that is also used in non-Christian contexts.
December TWENTY-FIFTH the Day of the SUPERNATURAL: December 25 people like to experience firsthand the more unusual side of life. It is that which releases us from the mundane concerns that awakens their interest, often the quest for heightened or exalted states. They may reach such states through forms of art such as music and dance, through religious experience or perhaps imagination alone. However, the less highly evolved of this day may seek to escape from the demands of life or personal problems through a variety of means (stimulants or addictive substances, sensational diversions, etc.).
Strengths: Achievement-Oriented, Bold
Weaknesses: Sensationalistic, Restless
ADVICE: Be realistic, but don't lose your sense of awe and wonderment. Fight disillusionment. Strike a bargain with the world and be open to those compromises that make things a bit easier on yourself and others. Keep it light.
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BORN ON THIS DAY: Jesus of NazarethJustin TrudeauClara Barton, Robert Ripley (Believe It or Not), Sissy Spacek, Rod Sterling (Twilight Zone),  Karl Rove, Anwar Sadat, Carlos Castaneda (sorcerer's apprentice The Teachings of Don Juan), Barbara Mandrell, Cab Calloway, Helena Rubinstein, Conrad Hilton, Gao Ying (Chinese writer, Da Ji and Her Fathers). Source: The Secret Language of Birthdays, Gary Goldschneider & Joost Elffers.
Hearts - Emotions - Relationships – Love

SIX of Hearts - Sacrifice for Love

Karma for the 6 of Hearts - Humility 
SIX  of Hearts The PEACE MAKER's Card: This is a card of harmony and stability in love and family. The Six of Hearts person is aware of the "law of love" and apply themselves to maintain stability in relationships. This stability can make for a satisfying life or one of monotony and boredom. It all depends upon how it is handled by the individual. They are somewhat fixed and dislike changes. Sometimes this can keep anything they desire. There is protection in work and action. They never get away with injuries to others and are well aware of that. As the card for Christmas, their lives are intended to be that of plenty and giving. It is here that they find happiness.
Your Karma Cards are the: four of clubsFour of Clubs - You owe something to this person and they reflect you in some way. three of diamondsThree of Diamonds - This person owes You and you are their mirror in some way. 

SIX  of Hearts BIRTHDAYS: October 29 (Scorpio,) November 27 (Sagittarius), December 25 (Capricorn);

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FAMOUS SIX of Hearts: Humphrey Bogart was an American screen actor whose performances in such iconic 1940s films noir as The Maltese Falcon, Casablanca, and The Big Sleep, earned him the legacy of cultural icon. December 25, 1899, NYC, NY. 

FAMOUS SIX  of Hearts: Winona Ryder, Rod Serling, Richard Dreyfuss, Kate Jackson, Carolyn Kennedy, Jaleel White, Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, Bill Mauldin, Jimi Hendrix, Bruce Lee, Sir Isaac Newton, Conrad Hilton, Clara Barton, Sissy Spacek, Annie Lennox, Carlos Castaneda, Cab Calloway, Humphrey BogartSource: Robert Camp's Love Cards.
Six of Cups - Infinite Visions Tarot
SIX of Hearts (Cups) in Tarot
six of hearts SIX of Hearts: This is the Christmas Card. The Six of Hearts people like to live well, enjoy managing big business, and sharing their wealth with others. The 6 of Hearts are known as the bearers of gifts. They are frequently found working in some charitable or institutional work where their services are contributed, or their salaries negligible. The Six of Hearts are known for their stability and they are very dependable, affectionate, and emotional - though seldom swept off their feet! Home is important, and once they have established their surroundings, they want to keep things as they are. Delightful people to know, they do however, have a tendency to try and run other people’s lives - for their own good, of course! This makes them great managers, but should perhaps wait and see if their management is actually needed, or wanted, or not.

SAGITTARIUS-CAPRICORN CUSP - The Cusp of PROPHECY December 19 - 25: The fiery and earthy natures of Sagittarius-Capricorns speak of highly developed faculties of intuition and sensation respectively, but do not necessarily point to either a strong mental or a strong emotional orientation. Those born on this cusp are consequently at their best when trusting their hunches and their five senses, particularly sight and hearing. Their articulation and expression of their thoughts and feelings may be more problematical. Ultimately, the development of extrasensory abilities, or even a single sixth sense, is often the most unique and remarkable quality that those born on the Cusp of Prophecy can offer to the world. Whether happy, seductive, threatening or punishing, Sagittarius-Capricorns make their moods known very unambiguously, leaving little if any doubt about how they feel. They do not expect to be liked by other people, although it often happens that they are. Being independent of the approval of others gives Sagittarius-Capricorns a power and freedom that many lack. The deep, passionate natures and highly sexual orientation of those on this cusp can bind others to them magnetically.
STRENGTHS: Psychic, Inscrutable, Intense
WEAKNESSES: Frustrated, Antisocial, Oppressive

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SAGITTARIUS-CAPRICORN CUSP NOTABLE Anwar El Sadat was the third President of Egypt, serving from 15 October 1970 until his assassination by fundamentalist army officers on 6 October 1981. Sadat joined Jimmy Carter’s sponsored negotiations for the Egypt-Israel Peace Treaty, which won him and Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin the Nobel Peace Prize. December 25, 1918, Mit Abu al-Kum, Egypt 

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SAGITTARIUS-CAPRICORN CUSP NOTABLES:  Joseph Stalin Florence Griffith-Joyner, Uri Geller, Edith Piaf, Sissy Spacek, Jane Fonda, Anwar Sadat, Ava Garner, Rod Sterling, Kiefer Sutherland, Frank Zappa, Howard Hughes, Richard Leakey, Diane Sawyer, Lady Bird Johnson. Source: The Secret Language of Relationships, Gary Goldschneider & Joost Elffers.
ADVICE: Learn to temper your intensity. By understanding yourself better; you will be less at the mercy of your moods. Work on improving social relationships and continue to befriend others. Beware of any tendencies to close yourself off. Allow your warm and loving side full rein and keep your heart open.

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