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The Way of TRUST is one of 53 Karmic Paths


Obama's August 4, 1961 birthday puts him on The Way of Trust number 45 of 53 karmic paths.


The Way of TRUST - Sensitivity to Exposure: The individuals born on the Way of Trust are among the most deeply sensitive in the zodiac. It may be difficult to discern, however, since crustacean-like, they cover up their soft underbelly with a hard shell of cool objectivism and ostensible rationality. Such a defense mechanism has grown over time, built in response to the myriad wounds, both large and small, inflicted on their delicate inner lives. Those born on this karmic path are called to reveal themselves to others and thereby become more balanced, mature, and psychologically whole as they integrate their inner and outer realities. Self-protective in the extreme, they may have experienced the betrayal of their trust. Thus, they must rebuild trust in themselves to be more discerning and better judges of character. Individuals on this path will learn how to evaluate others so that they know whom to trust and why. Only then will they fully show others what they are truly made of.


CORE LESSON: Trusting their own judgment;


GOAL: To reveal their sensitive core to others;






Release: The feeling of being a victim;


Reward: The joy of trusting themselves.


There is something outer worldly or even mystical about the individuals on the Way of Trust. They are in fact touched by forces greater than themselves, and they are concerned with ideals, abstract notions of justice, and universal issues having to do with compassion and humanity. Their tremendous kindness is obvious in how much they care for small children and animals. Often these individuals are not even aware of their inherent mysticism themselves. Other people seem to sense it and are drawn to them for it. Those on this path exhibit various defense mechanisms such as being secretive to preserve their inner world. Deep down, they know that their sensitivity is not only what makes them most human, but is like a golden thread connecting them to the divine. Though they are aware that they are a bit different from others, this doesn't disturb them much. However, they do pay a price for the delicacy of their inner lives, often suffering pain more acutely because of it. They are not shy per se; they don’t exhibit timidity; rather, they are extremely reserved and are often perceived to be cold by others. The men and women defend their sensitivity differently. While the men tend to be more withdrawn, the women are aggressive. Both sexes, however, are highly independent in both thought and action. Often they are taken up with spirituality in all its forms and New Age topics such as astrology or mind power.

Those on the Way of Trust are notoriously bad judges of character. Since they tend to be psychic, they feel swamped by their extrasensory impressions and find it difficult to sort out what they are experiencing or sensing. Many perceive others as lying or dissembling because they sense this to be true. The core energy of these people is not particularly oriented to being in their bodies and is not well grounded, so one often finds body issues in those on this path. Out of touch with their own physicality, they yearn for touch and closeness yet find it difficult to reach out to receive the physical nurturing they crave.


SUGGESTION: Learn to give without being taken advantage of. Avoid the tendency to retreat into an inner world. Trust in life and a higher power. Cultivate intuition and use your psychic ability - with discernment.


BALANCE POINT: Suspicion and Trust

NOTABLES: Obama, Marlon Brando, Greta Garbo, Princess Diana, Doris Day, George Clooney, Jean-Paul Sartre, Annette Funicello, Larry Flint, Linda Evans, Calvin Klein, Sidney Poitier, Janis Joplin.


Getting in touch and staying in touch with their intuitive side will be the key to success for the individuals born in the Week of Balanced Strength who find themselves on this karmic path. They will have to work to cultivate that quality in themselves, however, and avoid the dangers of single-mindedness or stubbornness that can prove stumbling blocks to their development. There are some with this configuration for whom the impulse to altruism may devolve into masochistic tendency, as once Leo II’s have set themselves upon a particular course, they never give up. When it comes to problem solving, they like to be left alone to work things out for themselves – yet they will do much better when they allow themselves to be open with one or two close confidants who can guide them in their decision making. Nevertheless, if they can learn to go with their "gut” feelings, their development is assured as they make their way along this road.

CHALLENGE: Getting themselves out of bad relationships that poor judgment got them into.

FULFILLMENT: Putting their sensitivity and compassion to work as they serve those in need.

NOTABLES: Obama, Paul Claudel (Catholic Poet, Playwright), Dale Evans ("The Edge”; Rock Guitarist).


Source: The Secret Language of Destiny, Gary Goldschneider & Joost Elffers.


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