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November TWENTY-NINTH the Day of the INSTIGATOR



James Rosenquist is an American artist and one of the protagonists in the pop-art movement. Rosenquist was a 2001 inductee into the Florida Artists Hall of Fame. November 29, 1933 (age 80), Grand Forks, North Dakota

November TWENTY-NINTH the Day of the INSTIGATOR: Those born on November 29 have a knack for provoking others - sometimes to thought, at other times to conflict. They like to stir up the pot and usually their presence alone leads to some change in the status quo. Sometimes branded as troublemakers, they are not overly concerned with what others think of them. November 29 people know how to push emotional buttons. They can get great mileage out of a cutting comment, a raised eyebrow or a telling silence. They may in fact regard themselves as watchdogs of the truth, and woe to anyone who presumes to depart from it! Their capacity to punish such transgressors can be frightening, since they know exactly where and when to strike. They must beware, however, that just punishment does not turn sadistic and lose its underlying integrity.
STRENGTHS: Provocative, Dynamic, Influential;
WEAKNESSES: Troubled, Disturbing, Stressed;
ADVICE: Sometimes it may be a good idea to reserve your judgments and moral evaluations. Calm yourself. Learn to quietly stand aside and observe without expressing your opinion. Make use of your capacity for changing the environment in a positive way.
 Yönetmenler Mimar olsaydı yaptıkları evler nasıl olurdu? Ethan Coen ve Joel Coen
BORN ON THIS DAYJoel CoenAdam Clayton Powell, Louisa Mae Alcott, C.S. Lewis, Jacques Chirac, James Rosenquist,  Elmo R. Zumwalt, Rahm Emanuel, Gary Schandling; Source: The Secret Language of Birthdays Gary Goldschneider & Joost Elffers.
MEDITATION: Emotions can be calmed with the breath.
Hearts - Emotions - Relationships – Love

4 of Hearts - Protection in Relationships

 Karma for the 4 of Hearts - Self Satisfaction 

FOUR  of Hearts: The FAMILY Card: Here we have the first Four in the deck, the first to seek stability and foundation. The Four of Hearts seeks this in relationships. These people have high ideals about love and family and when these ideals are not reached, the pain can be so great that they need some form of escape to soothe themselves. If their ideals are combined with truth and objectivity, these people can have wonderful lives of fulfillment in family and other love areas. Many are healers and protectors and others come to them for love and support in times of need. They all have a need for self-expression and do well with groups and organizations as teachers and event organizers. Some have great scientific minds as well. They are very good with money and have no one but themselves to blame if their lives are not happy and productive. They must maintain good health habits as this card, more than others, never gets away with indulgence, either physical or emotional. Satisfaction comes in giving.
Your Karma Cards are the: Four of Spades - You owe something to this person and they reflect you in some way. Ten of Spades - This person owes you and you are their mirror in some way.
FOUR  of Hearts BIRTHDAYS: October 31 (Scorpio) November 29 (Sagittarius) December 27 (Capricorn);

FAMOUS FOUR  of Hearts: Clive Staples Lewis, commonly called C. S. Lewis and known to his friends and family as "Jack", was a novelist, poet, academic, medievalist, literary critic, essayist, lay theologian, and Christian apologist.November 29, 1898, Belfast, Ireland. 

Image result for Rahm Emanuel

FAMOUS FOUR   of Hearts: Peter Jackson, Rahm Emanuel (Mayor of Chicago), Larry Mullen, Jr., John Candy, Jane Pauley, Deidre Hall, David Ogden Steirs, Michael Landon, Dan Rather, Kim Delaney, Jeff Fahey, Howie Mandel, Garry Schandling, Chuck Mangione, C.S. Lewis, Gerard Depardieu, Marlene Dietrich, Cokie Roberts;  Source: Robert Camp's Love Cards.

The 4 of Cups from The Golden Age of Hollywood Tarot
FOUR of Hearts (Cups) in Tarot
four of heartsFOUR of Hearts: The majority of people born with this card have a strong sense of fairness, justice, tolerance, and understanding. They make good judges, counselors, leaders, and directors. There is also a strong attraction to the theater - and with even a small amount of talent, a measure of success in this field is assured. The pitfall of this Card is self-satisfaction. The negative 4 of Hearts can become very smug, taking all the credit for their success. When this happens, their success does not last long. Self alone has no power for this Card. The 4 of Hearts should never ask what can this person, this job, or this project do for them, but rather - what can I do for thee! The Four of Hearts have so much to give to the world! And if only they could realize their satisfaction in life is measured by the amount of their giving.


SAGITTARIUS I - The Week of INDEPENDENCE November 25-December 2: Sagittarius I's are hard to control. In many ways the most independent people of the year, those born in this week must feel free to act on their impulses and intuition. People who try to exercise power over them in personal relationships are in for a rough ride. When Sagittarius I's respect their spouse or living partner, they will cooperate, sharing their feelings and dividing the chores. When they feel that their respect has not been earned, though, or when it is lost, expect constant conflict and strife. Honor and trust are high on the Sagittarius I list of priorities; without these, they feel, life ceases to have meaning and reverts to the law of the jungle.
Advice: Strive to keep your emotions on an even keel. Beware of allowing yourself an overly high-minded attitude. Keep control over your expectations and try to be more forgiving. There is nothing wrong with compromise, or with occasionally losing. Watch your tendency to exaggerate.
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SAGITTARIUS I NOTABLES: Bette Midler, Woody Allen, Louisa May Alcott, Tina Turner, Winston Churchill, Mark Twain, Maria Callas, Richard Pryor, Jimi Hendrix, Bruce Lee, Joe DiMaggio, Jacques Chirac, Adam Clayton Powell, Dick Clark, C.S.Lewis, John F. Kennedy, Caroline Kennedy, Charles Ringling. Source: The Secret Language of Relationships  Gary Goldschneider & Joost Elffers.

Karma for the 4 of Hearts - Self Satisfaction 

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