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Keith Rupert Murdoch, is an Australian American business magnate. Murdoch became managing director of Australia's News Limited, inherited from his father Sir Keith Arthur Murdoch in 1952. Pictured with new wife, Jerry Hall. March 11, 1931 (age 83), Melbourne, Australia. 

March ELEVENTH the Day of PROGRESSIVE INTUITION: Those born on March 11 keep abreast of the times. Whether liberal or conservative in outlook, they are progressive in thought. That is,  they know that to be out of touch with or unaware of what is going on socially around them is perhaps to say goodbye to one's career. they see the world as a highly competitive place where only the quick and clever survive. In their private lives, however, they allow themselves to express the dreamier, more relaxed side of their nature, chewing over ideas and speculation through conversation with friends or family and perhaps developing imaginative projects. In both areas of their life, however, the unifying talent which they employ is their intuition, which for the most part serves them well.
STRENGTHS: Shrewd, Tasteful, Charming
WEAKNESSES: Possessive, Claiming, Domineering
ADVICE: Deepen your thoughts and feelings. Do not be too concerned with tangible goals. Put more energy into spiritual development. Don't be afraid to let things go.
 Image result for Ralph D. Abernathy
BORN ON THIS DAY: Ralph Abernathy, Rupert Murdoch, Antonin Scalia, Dorthy Gish, Sam Donaldson; Source: The Secret Language of Birthdays Gary Goldschneider & Joost Elffers
MEDITATION: Imagine having to carry everything you own.
Diamonds - Values - Security – Dharma

Queen of Diamonds ~ Domination in the Realm of Values

Karma ~ Financial Security At All Cost
QUEEN queen of diamonds of Diamonds - The PHILANTHROPIST Card: Like some other cards in the deck, the Queen of Diamonds has much indecision about values (Three of Diamonds Karma Card). Although they are in the royal suit of money, they are often worried about money and have some difficulty in managing it. Queen of Diamonds are known to be charming and enjoy the finer things in life. Often they spend beyond their budget and this adds to their financial worries. Their Three of Diamonds Karma Card speaks of indecision about what they want that has them constantly seeking new adventures and sometimes relationships as well. Many of the world's greatest givers are Queen of Diamonds, though personal relationships are usually difficult because of the indecision about what they want and their changeable nature. If they adopt a spiritual path in life and realize that they have a mission, they can achieve the heights of spiritual realization and self-mastery (Queen of Spades in Neptune). This realization will also dispel all of the problems that they have with money and love.
Your Karma Cards are the: three of diamondsThree of Diamonds - You owe something to this person and they reflect you in some way. nine of diamondsNine of Diamonds - This person owes you and you are their mirror in some way.
QUEEN queen of diamonds of Diamonds BIRTHDAYS: January 15 (Capricorn), February 13 (Aquarius), March 11 (Pisces III), April 9 (Aries), May 7 (Taurus), June 5 (Gemini), July 3 (Cancer), August 1 (Leo);

FAMOUS QUEEN of Diamonds: Antonin Gregory Scalia was an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States from 1986 until his death in 2016. My first crush was the girl standing to the left of Mrs. Goins. March 11, 1936, Trenton, NJ. 


Jerry Springer caricatures | Jerry Springer Caricature by MadPoint25


FAMOUS QUEEN queen of diamonds of Diamonds: Jerry SpringerCharo, Martin Luther King, Aristotle Onassis, Chuck Yeager,  Bobby McFerrin, Hugh Hefner, Dennis Quaid, Eva Peron, Mark Wahlberg, Brian McKnight, Tom Cruise, Montel Williams, Coolio, Antonin Scalia, Yves Saint Laurent. Source: Robert Camp's Love Cards.
Queen Of Disks, the Urban Tarot. Reminds me of Kit Williams' work.
QUEEN of Diamonds (Pentacles, Coins, Disks) in Tarot

queen of diamonds QUEEN of  Diamonds: Some of our greatest philanthropists are the Queen of Diamonds. In the world of art, some of our greatest poets, painters and musicians have contributed their wealth. It is these Queen of Diamonds people that have learned the true meaning of value. They are people fitted for authority and should have it! The path for the Queen of Diamonds is a hard one - so beset with difficulties and obstacles - they are continually sapped of strength as they struggle to overcome one thing after the other. Those born under this card are diligent and dependable. They are strong of character, and determined, but they must guard against hardness and domination. They have much to contend with, and much should be forgiven them. The men strive to provide their partners with security, but can be overly sensitive and prone to temper tantrums. The women enjoy sharing in their partner's business affairs.


 PISCES III: The Week of DANCERS and DREAMERS - March 11-18: Strongly philosophical, PISCES III's often spend time contemplating the intricacies of human thought and the wonders of the universe. Their minds roam freely over areas that many would find daunting or at least mysterious. They start wondering about the meaning of life early on, and often continue to puzzle over such questions for a lifetime - indeed, these issues can become the driving force behind their careers and lifestyles.

PISCES III NOTABLE Lawrence Welk was an American musician, accordionist, bandleader, and television impresario, who hosted The Lawrence Welk Show from 1951 to 1982. March 11, 1903, Strasburg, ND. 


 Image result for Kemal Ataturk,


PISCES III NOTABLES: Nat King Cole, Kamal Ataturk, Liza Minnelli,  Billy Crystal, Lawrence Welk, L.Ron Hubbard, Albert Einstein. Source: The Secret Language of Relationships, Gary Goldschneider & Joost Elffers. 

ADVICE: Be more demanding of yourself in your personal development, and contribute actively to the life around you. Beware of neglecting to build a firm foundation. There is a limit to what you are capable of overcoming - make life easier for yourself, and be willing to compromise when necessary.

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